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Stray Dogs Productions 2005-2009

Seems Like Old Times (2005)


Seems Like Old Times opened the refurbished Playhouse. February 26th until March 19th, Civic Playhouse, Newcastle.


Lighting Design: Adam Zakarauskas. Set Design: Robyn Greenwell. Stage Manager: Kate Graham. Cast: Rod Ansell, Jan Hunt, Garth Russell, David Yarrow, Lawrence Aitchison, Barry Shepherd, Anne Frost and Bethany Jones. 


Anne Frost, Barry Shepherd, Kerry O'Hearn, Garth Russell, Jan Hunt


Human Resources (2006)



Human Resources is a dark campus comedy about the corporatisation of Australian universities. Wil Lynot is an English lecturer whose private life is unravelling while he struggles to cope with the speed of change at work. A sinister rep from the Quality University Assistance Division, the QUAD officer, arrives to monitor his teaching, a student lodges a complaint against him, his wife won't return his calls and he's had to move into his office. As his ivory tower crumbles, Wil questions his faith in the transformative powers of education . . . until he decides to fight back!


Produced in 2006 at the Playhouse as part of Civic Theatre Newcastle’s Subscription Series. Writer: Carl Caulfield. Director: Felicity Biggins. Lighting Design: Adam Zakarauskas. Set Design: Robyn Greenwell.

Stage Manager: Alex Newton. Cast: Rod Ansell, Jan Hunt, Barry Shepherd, Isaac Turier, Timothy Blundell and Grant Walmsley. Winner of CONDA (City Of Newcastle Drama Award) for Best New Play, 2006.


Here’s what the CONDA judges said about the play:


Human Resources dealt with a topic that is very relevant in academia today. It showed a clear grasp of modern university life. There was sharp dialogue and clever use of current catch phrases and the characters sank or swam as the practicalities of economic rationalism battled the ideals of scholarship.

Dante's Dream (2007)


Dante's Dream was part of a subscription series at the Civic Playhouse. Writer: Carl Caulfield. Directed by Felicity Biggins and Carl Caulfield. Lighting Design: Adam Zakarauskus. Stage Manager: Alex Newton. Cast: Alon Silove, Helen Atkinson, Jan Hunt, Anthony Svensk, Phil McGrath, Lawrence Aitchison, Carl Caulfield. Set and Costumes: Chris Maxfield.



Carl Caulfieled as Peter Sellers' character Dr Strangelove

Henry the 4th Part One (2008)


Henry the 4th Part One by William Shakespeare, adapted by Carl Caulfield.


Cast includes: John Shearman, Alex Hetherton, Rebecca  Sheldon, Barry Shepherd, Timothy Blundell, Caitlin Caulfield, Tim O’Donnell, Carl Caulfield, Mark Coles, Phillip William Minns. Directed by Felicity Biggins and Carl Caulfield. Costumes: Caitlin Caulfield/Felicity Biggins. Set and lighting: Gererd Wilson. Stage Manger: Toni Byrnes. Choreography: Allon Silove. Performed at the Gloucester Shakespeare Festival 2008 on May 16th and 17th and the Civic Playhouse, Newcastle.


Caitlin Caulfield as Poins and Carl Caulfield as Falstaff

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Carl Caulfield is a playwright and dramaturg.

Stray Dogs works with local artists and has produced a new Caulfield work nearly every year since 1994.



Stray Dogs Theatre Company is resident in Newcastle, NSW, Australia.

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