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Stray Dogs Productions 2010-2014

Shakespeare's Fools (2010)


Shakespeare's Fools explores the evolution of the Fool through the actors who helped create the original characters. Richard Tarlton, Will Kemp (who famously jigged all the way from London to Norwich circa 1600) and Robert Armin were the 16th century's equivalent of our contemporary stand-up comics, as well as prima donnas with party pieces.


Produced by Stray Dogs Theatre, Civic Playhouse, 2010.

Writer: Carl Caulfield. Cast: Carl Caulfield, Theo Rule, Daniel Stoddart and Brendan O’Connell. Music by Gareth Hudson. Costumes by Anne Hele and Miranda Ryan. Lighting; Adam Zakarauskas. Directed by Carl Caulfield. Winner of CONDA for Best New Play in 2010.


Caulfield expertly blends Shakespeare’s words and today’s language in the text…And the three actors playing the fools – Theo Rule (Tarlton), Brendan O’Connell (Kemp) and Daniel Stoddart (Armin) – magnificently bring out the differences of their styles and humour. (Ken Longworth, Newcastle Herald, 1st September 2010.)


Daniel Stoddart, Theo Rule and Carl Caulfield

(Photo: Elena Gan)

The Anatomy of Buzz (2014)


The Anatomy of Buzz is a comedy about contemporary anxieties from the award-winning Newcastle playwright Carl Caulfield.


When American organisational change consultant and marketing guru Dixon Uzzi comes to Newcastle to bring Sunbeam Corp into the 21st century, Ben Quilty, Head of Sales, is ready to reinvent himself. “You’ve found the fear, Ben. Now market that fear,” says Uzzi. Before too long, Ben has shaved his head and is twerking to Beyoncé.


But while Ben is busy anatomising buzz and conquering virtual frontiers with Dixon, his family begins to implode. His son Tom seems to be associating with terrorists while daughter Amy seeks fame through her laptop. His Head-Teacher wife Kristen, stressed to the eyeballs fighting off the bean counters at TAFE, is forced to question Ben’s new faith when she finds him talking to his Action Man.


Photo by Elena Gan.

Dez Robertson, Alex Jacobs, Paul Sansom.


Carl Caulfield is a playwright and dramaturg.

Stray Dogs works with local artists and has produced a new Caulfield work nearly every year since 1994.



Stray Dogs Theatre Company is resident in Newcastle, NSW, Australia.

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