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Stray Dogs Theatre Company

Stray Dogs Theatre Company was formed in Newcastle in 1995 by playwright Carl Caulfield and his wife, director Felicity Biggins, to help fill the void left by the demise of the Hunter Valley Theatre Company.


Its inaugural production in 1996 was of Caulfield's Angel Of Mercy, a play about the making of an Australian random mass murderer, based on the Hoddle Street and Australia Post massacres in the 1980s. Rehearsals had just started when Martin Bryant went on his shooting rampage at Port Arthur and the company found its opening show was rather more relevant than it had expected.


Stray Dogs has produced original work in a number of Newcastle venues, including the Mission Theatre, the Community Arts Centre’s Black Box Theatre, the Civic Theatre and the Playhouse.


Stray Dogs Theatre Company's original mission statement:  “Lean, mean and hungry, looking for somewhere to leave its mark” still resonates today, though 18 years on, it's less of the lean! But Stray Dogs remains keen to provide local audiences with stimulating and entertaining theatre and dedicated to working with other local theatre makers to achieve that goal.


Carl Caulfield is a playwright and dramaturg.

Stray Dogs works with local artists and has produced a new Caulfield work nearly every year since 1994.



Stray Dogs Theatre Company is resident in Newcastle, NSW, Australia.

See photos from our productions.

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