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List of produced plays by Carl Caulfield 

The Private Life of Claude Welch. Leeds Workshop Theatre,1985.
Johnny Starkey. New Theatre, workshop production,1991.
Eddie’s Crawl Towards the Impossible Heap. D Week Reading, 1990.
The King’s Fools. Harold Park Hotel, 1992.
Diavolozoppo - The Con Artist. Pact Youth Theatre/Federation of Italian
Migrant Workers and their Families, FILEF, 1992.
Guillotin! Novocastrian Productions, Mission Theatre, 1994.
The Human Behan. Stables, Sydney, workshop/reading, 1993.
Produced by Novocastrian Productions, Mission Theatre, Newcastle,
transferred to Bondi Pavilion, Sydney Fringe Festival, 1995.
The Secret Code of Ivor Thomas. A radio play, produced by 2NURFM,
When the Dust Settles. Freewheels Theatre,1995.
Salesman, Salesman. (Co-written with Brian Joyce.) Freewheels
Theatre toured schools in Hunter region, 1995.
Angel of Mercy. Stray Dogs Theatre, Black Box Theatre, Community
Arts Centre. Reprised at the Playhouse, 1996
Pursued by Demons. A radio play, produced by 2NURFM, 1997.
Shorts: Tower of Song, Sweet Science and The Faithful. Stray Dogs,
Newcastle Fringe Theatre, 1997.
Being Sellers. Civic Theatre Newcastle (CTN) production, Playhouse,
1998, reprised by Stray Dogs in 2020.
These Foolish Things. CTN, Civic Theatre, 1998, reprised by Stray
Dogs, Playhouse, 2008.
Indecent Obsessions: For No One, S&M, Aureole, The Boxer. Stray
Dogs, Civic Theatre, 2002. (CONDA for Best New Play, 2002.)

The Mystery of Roger Mullaney. Published by Macmillan, 2004.
Produced Performing Arts Centre, Brisbane, 2018.
Seems Like Old Times. Stray Dogs, Playhouse, 2005.
Elegy For Five Voices and A Piano. Performing Arts Newcastle (PAN)
The Showroom, 2001.
Confusion of Tongues. Stray Dogs, PAN Building, 2002.
Human Resources. Stray Dogs, Playhouse, 2006. (CONDA for Best
New Play, 2006.)
Dante’s Dream, Stray Dogs, Playhouse, 2007.
Subterranean Uni Blues. University of Newcastle Conservatorium
Drama, Playhouse, 2006.
The True Phoenix. Conservatorium Drama, Playhouse, 2007.
The Caper. Conservatorium Drama, Drama Theatre, University of
Newcastle, 2009.
Shakespeare's Fools. Stray Dogs, Playhouse, 2010. (CONDA for Best
New Play for 2010.)
2039. Tantrum Youth Theatre, Playhouse, 2013.
The Anatomy of Buzz. Playhouse, 2014.
Where Late the Songbird, Stray Dogs, Playhouse, 2015.
Hecuba/Reimagined. Stray Dogs, Playhouse, 2016.
Free Fall, Micro Theatre, The Curve Gallery, 2016.
Grass, The Press Book-house, Micro Theatre, 2017.
Postcards from Kafka. Newcastle Theatre Company, 2017.
Behind The Wire. Stray Dogs, The Royal Exchange, 2019.
Accident, The Press Book-house, Micro Theatre, 2019.
The Last Confession, The Press Book-house, 2019.
Dali: Hallucinogenic Toreador. Stray Dogs, Playhouse, 2019. (CONDA
for Best New Play of 2019.)
Creativity. Stray Dogs, Playhouse, 2022.
The fine art of deception. Newcastle Theatre Company, 2022. (CONDA
for Best New Play of 2022.)

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