The title role of Medea is one of the most demanding in the world repertory, encompassing both rational dialogue and highly emotional scenes of grief and anger.

Claudia Bedford as Medea and Phillip Ross as Jason, head a large cast in this modern-dress presentation of one of the great Greek tragedies.

Jason has two sons with Medea. In the past, she has used her magical powers to save his life and help him achieve his goals. But now he has dumped her for an advantageous new marriage to a teenage princess.

What could drive a woman to kill her children?

Euripides' Medea (431 BCE) is one of the most exciting of the surviving Greek tragedies, here presented in modern dress in a new translation by Michael Ewans, who also directs.

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Carl Caulfield is a playwright and dramaturg.

Stray Dogs works with local artists and has produced a new Caulfield work nearly every year since 1994.



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