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8th - 16th July 2022
A satire for the zeitgeist as creatives in a conservatorium take on their tone-deaf leaders in a bid to save music. 

A recent purge of academics and courses at a Conservatorium of Music at an Australian university has left the remaining staff and their students demoralised, their only life raft the joy they find in making music.


Dr Richard Fenchurch lecturer, conductor and Mozart scholar, reluctantly agrees to lead the Conservatorium through the maelstrom, following the mysterious departure of the Head of Music. Fenchurch finds himself caught between the smooth-talking PVC Professor Graham Gombold with his promises of musical manna, and his mutinous colleagues, led by Dr Lucy Golding, who are firmly against any further cuts or changes to the curriculum.

Poster: Ari Chand.

Cast and Crew

Written and directed by Carl Caulfield
Production Manager: Felicity Biggins
Musical direction: Ian Cook
Set design: Felicity Biggins
Video, images and props: Geoff Overmyer
Lighting design: Andrew Moore
Sound: Simon Ritchie
Costumes: Ghilly Sullivan

Photo: Elena Gan

Melinda Smith, Khalil Kay and Mick Byrne
Mick Byrne as Dr Richard Fenchurch
Lou Chapman as Dr Lucy Golding
Khalil Khay as Professor Graham Gombold
Anne Hartsuyker as Vanessa Cormack
Jeffrey Cutts as Dr Ron Walters
Melinda Smith as Sally Swaines 
Nola Wallace as Janet Golding
Fiona Collins as Abigail Freal
Claire Conry as Marion Pearce

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